Monday, October 7, 2013

Loops By Keri hand knits are now available online!

When I started this blog, I said an Etsy site was right around the corner. It took a little while longer to get to that corner, but it is FINALLY up and running!

If you haven't shopped there before, is a website for all things handmade. Each person sets up an online store that you can purchase from.

You can now find my hand knits on at

Please note, if you go to Etsy directly, the name of the store is LoopsbyKeri, all one word. that's how they do it. 

OR - even easier, use the link on the top left of this blog! Easy peasy! The one that looks like this...

Here's a sneak peak at the site!

Once you check out the site, if you like what you see, please favorite my shop! You can favorite any items you love too! Which is great because it gives me feedback as to what people like best!

You can also click the follow button to follow my Etsy site. That way, you'll know what is new in store! 

I have a small selection of my hand knits online.  MANY, MANY more to come!!  It takes a bit of time to design and knit them, get some great photos and write it all up, but am working as fast as I can! 

I also do custom orders, so if you see something you like but would LOVE it in a different color or something like it, or in a different yarn, please let me know!

 Knits make fantastic presents for babies, kids and adults alike! We can make them match coats, favorite color, eye color, whatever! : )

And for my friends that live local- we can get together and plan out the knit by choosing colors and yarns and I did recently with my friend L. 

Here is her fabulous hand dyed merino wool hat with vintage button on a button band. The color is navy with pops of lilac and deeper purple. (It will look MUCH better on her than on this glass head, but since she wasn't available, it had to do!)

The hat will match her cowl perfectly. I don't have a picture of HER exact cowl, so here are a few LIKE hers...

Loops by Keri hand knits are also available in store at Rexer-Parkes in Huntington NY, located at 35 Gerard Street in Huntington Village. 

This year, Rexer-Parkes will be carrying some of my adult accessories as well as children's knits!

I just delivered some incredible new cabled cowls there- take a look! Just pop it over your head and you are good to go!

It will keep you warm, while still looking chic. And for all you Mom's out there, it will stay put, no worries about losing it as you run after your little one, as sometimes happens with scarves!  

Stay tuned for lots more knits!


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