Thursday, October 31, 2013

Maritime Festival - 2013 Wrap up- SO many knits!!

Wow. How is it Halloween already?! Will post some pics of that soon, but I have been meaning to post these pics for a few weeks. 

We did the Maritime Festival a few weeks ago, and I have just got around to blogging about it! It's been a little crazy here, as I am sure you can tell! The focus was getting Etsy up & running! 

Here is a look at our booth from the Maritime Festival, which is held in Greenport, NY every September! I highly recommend the festival for great food, music, and of course, artisan crafts and of course, shopping!

The holidays are coming fast. If you see anything you like, let me know. Custom orders are available anytime! :)

Neckwarmers, headbands, cowls and scarves- all super soft and cozy! 

These cowls are in store now at Rexer-Parkes! 

These scarves and hats are available on Etsy now! 

Yummy soft extrafine Merino Scarves! 

Hats for babies and toddles and headbands and neckwarmers for kids and adults! LOVE all the colors. Looks like candy, right?

The sweetest little baby booties and hats! LOVE them!! 

Don't you love babies dressed as animals? Mouse, rabbit, bear and as pumpkins! :)

LOVE this cowl! Pop it right over your head and you are stylish and warm all day!

You may have noticed these beautiful items in the photographs. They are ballerina hairclip holders! Theylook stunning hang on a wall in a girl's room and they give her a place to hold all of her hairclips and bows! You can even loop headbands through. 

They are gorgeous and handmade by my dear friend Elena, who I shared a tent with at the Maritime Festival!

Elena uses a variety of fabrics and tulle colors, so matching your girls room will be easy! Elena can even do custom dresses. 

You can buy Elena's beautiful dresses by contacting her at

Hope to get her on Etsy soon! Her pieces are gorgeous!! 

My Little Miss O has a beautiful one hanging on her wall which matches her room! the clips are in one place so their is no dashing around the house looking for the right ones before the bus comes! And her room is beautiful with this on the wall!

They make a beautiful Christmas gift as well!

Happy Halloween all! Pictures soon! 

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