Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sept 20 - 21 Come join Loops by Keri at the Maritime Festival in Greenport

SO excited to be participating in the Greenport Maritime Festival again this year! If you haven't been- you should GO! It is a day full of fun for the whole family!

I will be there with all of my hand knits- I have been VERY busy with new designs!! It's an amazing festival that is free with lots of ships and music and great food and best of all, Artisan vendors! Including me...but I digress.

Before I get into the knits, I have to show you what I've been working on and the story behind it. Last year at the Maritime Festival, they had a mermaid parade. I told my kids about it and my son looked thoughtful and then said to me "Mom! I've got it! You need to make mermaid costumes for the American Girl Doll! They'll sell like hotcakes!"

I loved his idea and his enthusiasm. My dear friend Sylvie and I worked together and made this! Isn't it awesome! Pink and Purple mermaid costumes are almost complete - stay tuned at the festival! Or if you can't make the festival, you can order them here...

Sylvie, along with another friend Cathy will be sharing a booth with me at the festival. They both made some beautiful sewn creations. Cathy has focused on baby bibs, mother-daughter aprons, children's smocks and more! Sylvie has been creating amazing bags, totes, napkins with matching placemats, pillows - many with nautical and fish themes, incredible things!! PLUS these darling necklaces, that double as headbands. My daughter loves them!

And I'll have my knits - so many new designs and colors.

Mittens and fingerless mitts, for those of you who love to text but have cold hands or work in a cold office! Hats, scarves, infinity loop cowls, headbands, neck warmers, ponchos, baby rompers, shawls....there is something for everyone!

If you can't join us at the festival, you can visit my Etsy site! I do custom orders if you have something specific in mind ;)

Here are just a few! Now I am off to go finish some more! One week to go! :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

SEW much fun!

Look at the level of concentration on that face!

Little Miss O has been asking me to teach her how to use the machine for awhile now, but I wanted her to learn how to sew by hand first. I think that's super important to hand sew first since it's hard to see and comprehend what the machine is doing when you are placing different pieces together. One you do it by hand, it makes the machine much easier.

So, her she is, hard at work! She started with sewing straight lines. It takes some practice to get used to the timing- how hard to press the foot pedal, how fast to feed the fabric in, plus making sure you are lined up and sewing straight. There is a lot to do. 

Here it is!

All done and ready to go.

Look at that face. She is so proud of her apron. She wore it for an hour. And then asked me to bake an apple pie with her. Here we go!

We did some fun sewing in our Creativity Camps this summer at EmmaMade featuring Loops by Keri! In our tie-dye class, we dyed our fabric and then made bags from it! Only one of the children had ever sewn before and they were SO happy and proud of their work!

We did some fun sewing projects in our American Girl Creativity Camp too- the girls all made pillows and sleeping bags for their dolls.

Our next American Girl Creativity Camp is scheduled for Sunday October 5th from 3pm-5pm and we will be making all sorts of Back to School accessories for our dolls!

And after that class, from 5pm-6:30 pm We are starting up our Knitting Class for kids again! Perfect for kids ages 6+ for new knitters or knitters who want to learn more skills and work on projects!

For more info, click here

Have a WONDERFUL Monday.

Craft on!