Monday, December 1, 2014

Art League of Long Island Holiday Fine Art and Craft Fair THIS Weekend- Dec 6 and 7th!

I cannot believe how fast time flies. It's been zooming!

LOTS of good things to share...but first -

Loops by Keri was selected to be in the juried Holiday Fine Art & Craft Fair at the Art League of Long Island this weekend!!

What is a juried show? All artists submit their work and the best are selected to show! So this is a fair of artists and artisan work! Now, that does not mean unaffordable! I know I have price ranges from $10 and up. Come down and see our work and support us! ADMISSION IS FREE
December 6 & 7
10am - 5pm
107 East Deer Park Road Dix Hills, NY 11746 p: 631 462-5400
70 artists and craftspeople will be in the Art League's galleries and studios

I have been so busy knitting, in fact I am off to do some right now, but rest assured, there will be lots of new knits to show!

SO many exciting are just a few!

Shop local this holiday! thanks for looking and will be back with a "real" post SOON! :)

And if you want to shop my knits, but aren't local, you can do it online!

Knit on! 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sept 20 - 21 Come join Loops by Keri at the Maritime Festival in Greenport

SO excited to be participating in the Greenport Maritime Festival again this year! If you haven't been- you should GO! It is a day full of fun for the whole family!

I will be there with all of my hand knits- I have been VERY busy with new designs!! It's an amazing festival that is free with lots of ships and music and great food and best of all, Artisan vendors! Including me...but I digress.

Before I get into the knits, I have to show you what I've been working on and the story behind it. Last year at the Maritime Festival, they had a mermaid parade. I told my kids about it and my son looked thoughtful and then said to me "Mom! I've got it! You need to make mermaid costumes for the American Girl Doll! They'll sell like hotcakes!"

I loved his idea and his enthusiasm. My dear friend Sylvie and I worked together and made this! Isn't it awesome! Pink and Purple mermaid costumes are almost complete - stay tuned at the festival! Or if you can't make the festival, you can order them here...

Sylvie, along with another friend Cathy will be sharing a booth with me at the festival. They both made some beautiful sewn creations. Cathy has focused on baby bibs, mother-daughter aprons, children's smocks and more! Sylvie has been creating amazing bags, totes, napkins with matching placemats, pillows - many with nautical and fish themes, incredible things!! PLUS these darling necklaces, that double as headbands. My daughter loves them!

And I'll have my knits - so many new designs and colors.

Mittens and fingerless mitts, for those of you who love to text but have cold hands or work in a cold office! Hats, scarves, infinity loop cowls, headbands, neck warmers, ponchos, baby rompers, shawls....there is something for everyone!

If you can't join us at the festival, you can visit my Etsy site! I do custom orders if you have something specific in mind ;)

Here are just a few! Now I am off to go finish some more! One week to go! :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

SEW much fun!

Look at the level of concentration on that face!

Little Miss O has been asking me to teach her how to use the machine for awhile now, but I wanted her to learn how to sew by hand first. I think that's super important to hand sew first since it's hard to see and comprehend what the machine is doing when you are placing different pieces together. One you do it by hand, it makes the machine much easier.

So, her she is, hard at work! She started with sewing straight lines. It takes some practice to get used to the timing- how hard to press the foot pedal, how fast to feed the fabric in, plus making sure you are lined up and sewing straight. There is a lot to do. 

Here it is!

All done and ready to go.

Look at that face. She is so proud of her apron. She wore it for an hour. And then asked me to bake an apple pie with her. Here we go!

We did some fun sewing in our Creativity Camps this summer at EmmaMade featuring Loops by Keri! In our tie-dye class, we dyed our fabric and then made bags from it! Only one of the children had ever sewn before and they were SO happy and proud of their work!

We did some fun sewing projects in our American Girl Creativity Camp too- the girls all made pillows and sleeping bags for their dolls.

Our next American Girl Creativity Camp is scheduled for Sunday October 5th from 3pm-5pm and we will be making all sorts of Back to School accessories for our dolls!

And after that class, from 5pm-6:30 pm We are starting up our Knitting Class for kids again! Perfect for kids ages 6+ for new knitters or knitters who want to learn more skills and work on projects!

For more info, click here

Have a WONDERFUL Monday.

Craft on!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Creativity Camps in Huntington - have your child join the fun!

My partner Emily and I have been running 2 day Creativity Camps in Huntington for kids this summer and we've had a blast! We've explored weaving, nature, Frozen and Minecraft and more! 

Let your child explore their creativity with us this summer. We still have LOTS more fun planned... 

If you need a LONGER day for them, they can take both morning & afternoon classes and stay with us for lunch. NO CHARGE for the lunch time- just pack a lunch! ;) 

We still have some room for our exploration of dyeing this Tuesday and Thursday July 22nd and 24th from 12:15pm-2:15pm if your child would like to join us. WAY beyond just basic tie-dye. We'll dye fabric and yarn and use them to create original tie-dye pieces! Exploring ALL types of dyeing- How-to’s of tie-dyeing & creating an original tie-dye piece. We will also overdye, dip dye...SO much fun! Bring light or white colored items to work with- stained ones are fine! Socks, t-shirts, shorts, pillowcases- anything! We are going to have a messy good time. For ages 5+

Next Week! July 29th and 31st from 12:15pm-2:15pm- For ages 6+

Our children's version of pillow project runway. They will MAKE IT WORK! :)  The choice is up to the designer, your child! Perfect for a beginner sewer. If your child is more advanced, they can progress to embellishments and other design elements. We run the class at each child's level.

The skills they will learn are endless such as; drawing a template, cutting the letters, threading needles, hand-sewing and stuffing until completion. These skills help develop eye hand coordination, motor planning and control and all add up to a TREMENDOUS feeling of accomplishment when their vision is completed!

Japanese Kites Aug 5th & 7th- 9:30am-11:30am - $75.00 for 2 day session includes all materials and snack Ages 5+

Am Session - Koinobori Wind Kites Join us to create your own Koinobori, a carp windsock. These beautiful kites decorate the landscape of Japan to honor Children’s Day.

Drawing Frozen! Aug 5th & 7th- 12:15pm-2:15pm - $75.00 for 2 day session includes all materials Ages 6+
Our Frozen camp was so popular! THIS time we are going to learn to draw our favorite frozen friends! Emily Diamond, art teacher extraordinaire, will break it all down and have everyone sketching and singing and having a Frozen fun time! 

Fabulous Foods for your American Girl! Aug 12th & 14th- 9:30am-11:30 pm $80.00 for 2 day session includes all materials and snack Ages 7+Fabulous food for our friends Come join us to make all sorts of teeny treats and foods for our dolls! We’ll use all sorts of mediums in this class- clay, beads, fabrics and felts as we create lots of treats! 

Accessories for your American Girl! Aug 12th & 14th- 12:15pm-2:15pm pm $80.00 for 2 day session includes all materials and snack Ages 7+Accessories in the Afternoon Love all the cute accessories for your doll? We do too! Let’s make some together! The options are endless… purse, scarf, hat, skirt, maybe all of them!

Art of the LEGO Brick - Aug 19th & 21st- 9:30am-11:30 pm $75.00 for 2 day session includes all materials and snack Ages 5+Art of the Brick - We are going to use everyone’s favorite plastic bricks (LEGO!) to build, construct, collaborate. The children will then photograph the structures and learn how to upload them to our website to share their creations. We will supply all the legos for kids to use in class, but they will not bring any legos home.

Paper Popping Up! - Aug 19th & 21st- 12:15pm-2:15pm $75.00 for 2 day session includes all materials and snack Ages 5+PM Session – Paper Popping Up! Let’s take our exploration of paper to the next level and learn how to manipulate it! We’ll learn how pop up books are made and how to make some cards or a book ourselves!

lick here for more info and to register

Back by popular demand- Knitting for Kids Workshops! Or have them join us to learn knitting! Wednesday workshops for knitters- beginners or experienced- we teach to all levels, left handed or right!

Click here for more info and to register for knitting :)

Come create with us! 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Boomer

Two and a half years ago, I happened to look on the website of the breeder we got out Australian Shepard Scout from. I don't know what made me look at the website. Sure, Scout had a lot of energy and could use a playmate, but there was no way I was ready to get another puppy then.

And there he was.

Listed at the top of the "Available" page. 

A 3 year old Australian Shepard who needed a home right away and lived only a few towns away. 

His name was Boomer.

My husband was in. I wasn't sure. We went to go see him and took our Scout and they got along splendidly.  I still wasn't completely sure, but we said yes.

Boomer came to live with us. He was a little matted and dirty, so my husband took him to get groomed and bought him a few items we needed for him. Two days later, after playing with Scout in our backyard, he hurt the pads of his paws. He had never really played with another dog before and they were playing hard and having a great time. 

Well, Boomer licked his paws because they hurt and they became infected. After a trip to the vet for medicine and powder and a collar, we joked about our "free" dog, which had already cost us hundreds in the first week.

But it was all in jest. We LOVED that boy. Boomer stole our hearts right away. He just fit right in with our family. He loved us all unconditionally, even Scout! They were best friends, right away. And Boomer took care of him. Cleaning his ears and reminded me of Nana the dog in Peter Pan, that was a nursemaid and took care of the children. That was Boomer. Taking care of everyone...

In the morning, we'd go to each child's room together and he'd help me wake them up. With nuzzles, or kisses or jumping onto their bed! Boomer came with me to walk the kids to the bus. He let them read on him.

Boomer was so patient. He let the children pose him reading.

Boomer fell asleep on their clothes and books! when they went off to school or bed. (The pic above is posed, the one below is NOT. That's how I found him!)

When they reenacted Les Miserables, they dressed him as Javert and he actually stayed right with them. 

When we played games, he was right there. Ever involved.

I had never seen a dog in cuter poses. Every one was so cute. I mean, come on. Look at that one below.

When I finished Olivia's quilt and laid it out to show her, he walked right over and sat down on it!

 He was funny. He would eat anything. He loved mushroom stems (hence his nickname of Boomer Schroomer) He would try anything. Watermelon. Kale! He loved Kale! 

And his butt wiggle was priceless. He didn't have a tail, but he wiggled it like nothing I'd ever seen. 

And I will never be able to hear Adele's song and not here "Boomer has it" (no longer Rumor) as he was always sneaking off with something. Hey, where did that go? Boomer has it!

We had friends that were afraid of dogs that after meeting Boomer, were letting him lick their face. He would come over and wiggle his rear end and they would be hooked. 

He had a way. Everyone loved Boomer.

He made our family complete. 

And today, we are left with a hole in our hearts as our dear boy passed on. He was diagnosed with cancer in January and given 6 weeks to live. Boomer gave it his best and stayed 6 months longer with us.  He lived on love that dog. And we were blessed for every moment we had with him.

 We will miss you Boomer, our little Spectacled Bear. You will be in our hearts always.