Saturday, October 19, 2013

Button Band Chunky Knit Hat

So, I have been knitting like a mad knitter! And I have a lot of new knits! Trying to make sure the Etsy site looks good while keeping Rexer-Parkes well stocked! 

My newest favorite?

The Button Band Chunky Knit Hat! 

Made of lusciously soft hand painted extra fine merino wool, these hats are soft and cozy and look incredible on!

Love this on my friend L! So thankful she let me take pictures of her to show you all. This is her hat by the way- midnight navy with little pops of lavender and lighter blue. I have another skein  if anyone would like one…  : )

 Just LOVE the colorways and check these out…..

And awesome rainbow with layered vintage buttons. Just makes the colors pop! This hat is now with it's owner, that looks amazing in it!

This one reminds me of a grapevine with purples and greens- it's gorgeous! I layered two buttons again, one in lavender & one in green to bring out the colors. It's stunning AND it's still for sale on my Etsy site. 

Lots of other colors are available! I can match your coat, your eyes or find a favorite color! With or without buttons….I happen to love me some buttons, but it's all about what works for the wearer! 

I still haven't been able to decide which color I want. Every time I knit one I have a new favorite! 

I designed these hats for adults- they look great on Men and Women. 

BUT, the hats work on kids too. A child's head isn't that much smaller than an adult. Guess who wanted to try one on?

Doesn't she look adorable?

Lots of other items on the Etsy site. Be sure to stop by- just click on the link in the upper right hand side of the site or go to

Accessorize On! 

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  1. Super cute! I love the bright colored one.

    Aw, look at Little Miss O! What a great photo!