Sunday, April 7, 2013

April Showers Bring Cute New Knits

How adorable are these knitted rainbooties? Wellies! LOVE! 

Hand knit by me in yummy cotton with cute details, they are super sweet.

After I made up this pair, I knew I had to make one in rain slicker yellow trimmed with grey, which OF COURSE meant I had to design a rain hat to go with them...

I think they came our pretty awesome.

I can't take credit for the bootie pattern (although I did have the same idea sketched out in my "to make one day" pattern book). But when I saw the pattern by Julie Taylor on Craftsy, I had to buy it to support a fellow knitter, especially since she allows knitters to sell products using her patterns. (Thanks Julie!) Her pattern was in wool, but I changed the yarn to cotton & adjusted the gauge accordingly. 

You knitters can buy her pattern on 

If you are not a knitter, these are are in store now at Rexer-Parkes in Huntington NY. : )   Or you can always contact me and I can make them in custom colors for you. SO MUCH FUN to play with color! 

Don't fret if you don't live near Huntington. 

Just call Rexer-Parkes and they can ship them right out to you. (631) 549-1810.

I think we need a girlie option...maybe hot pink and lime? hmmm. What do you think? What colors would you like to see?

Splash On!


  1. SO pretty!

    I think hot pink and lime is a great color combo! You know how your sister loves her bright neon colors! ;)

  2. I think the yellow trimmed with gray is such an excellent way of illuminating a rainy day! Your knit is always perfect.
    It was nice to read your background too. No wonder how how talented you are!
    Big fan of your work and ideas. I see the whole family is now participating in your blog. It is so charming. Keep up the spirit!