Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Special Hat for a Special Girl

I found this amazingly cool yarn from a favorite yarn site of mine, Chelsea Yarns, run by the ever helpful Christina Lundborg. They have a beautiful, eclectic selection of yarns in stock and are adding new interesting ones all the time. AND they just opened up a brick and morter store, so if you are in NJ, go shop local! If not, you can find her here http://www.chelseayarns.com/

For the record, I do shop at my LYS stores. But sometimes I crave something different that I haven't found locally, which brings me back to Chelsea Yarns...

While shopping recently on her site, I found this amazing yarn called Candy, by Feza yarns, a wool/acrylic bulky yarn with felted wool balls attached as one with the yarn. It LOOKS like candy, doesn't it??

I knew my little girl needed a hat out of this cool yarn in a funky design.  

So I cast on and whipped up this funky little hat for her. 

When I gave it to her in the morning, her eyes widened with delight.

"For me??"

And promptly put it on her head. And kept it there all day. 

Of course, the temperature just spiked. But do you think that stopped her from wearing her new hat to school today?

Not a chance.

LOVE the knot! Isn't it cool!

Raveled here: candy-topknot

BTW...Little Miss O is wearing a Noro Kureyon hooded poncho I made her many years ago in the photo. I had the yarn displayed in a bowl in my living room and she picked it up and asked me to make her something pretty out of the yarn so "I can wear a pretty rainbow!" How could I resist. She has worn it for four years now and it still looks brand new. How's that for a good investment? If your little girl needs one, there is one in store at Rexer-Parkes or we could design one especially for her. 

Knit on!

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  1. THAT HAT IS AWESOME! I want one!!!! I love the type of fabric and especially the awesome colors! LMO is one lucky and stylish girl! ;)