Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sweet little bunnies in need of a good home

I do so LOVE a bunny slipper. Especially with spring and Easter around the corner. Yes, I realize it was snowing today...but I saw a crocus this week, so spring MUST be coming soon. Right? Right!! I do hope so. 

I just dropped these off to Rexer-Parkes yesterday, so if you know any sweet little baby feet that need a spring to their step, you've got some options!  Wouldn't they look sweet in an easter basket for baby or for a shower gift.

I bring you a plethora of bunnies in the softest extra fine merino....

cream with sage ears

 cream with pink ears

cream with baby blue ears

...and these awesome cashmere and merino blend in hot pink with lime ears, perfect for a little spring baby girl!

So cute, they make me almost wish I had a little baby to put them on. 

Keyword in there is ALMOST. ;)

Luckily, I have lots of little friends with babies to try them on, so I can get my baby bunny bootie fix!

For you knitters out there, you can make a bunny out of any bootie shape you like. I like this tried and true shape with a 1 x 1 rib cuff, which really stay on little feet, no matter how hard they kick. 

I make the inner ear & outer ear separately in garter stitch. I like to play with the colors and mix them up. Then I stitch them together. Then I sew all the ears on at once time. It takes some time, yes, but the effort is totally worth it. Just LOVE these! 

It may be time to make an pair in adult size. 

Hop on!


  1. My talented sister!

    I will take an adult size in the hot pink and lime green ones! ;)

  2. Love them! These are slippers even an adult would love to wear (um, hint, hint) :D