Thursday, March 14, 2013

Poncho weather!

Well, it is almost poncho weather. Today was a little nippy, but little miss O has broken out one of hers and was rocking it yesterday. So it's time to break out the collection. Yes, she has a collection of ponchos. 

Here's one of the ponchos. The picture is old, but will have to do, since O barely stops moving about these days to take a non-blurry photo. Too busy perfecting her handstands and walkovers. I wish she could exercise for me too while she is at it...but that's another topic for another day ; )

Had intended to sell this one, but I asked O to try it on for me. And once it was on, it was hers. I'm happy with the decision though, could she look any happier? She is self styled by the way. She knows how to put a look together, don't you think? 

I did make a few others that happily I was able to put into my line, Loops by Keri, sold at Rexer-Parkes. 

For those of you that haven't been to Rexer-Parkes, it is a fantastically edited boutique located at 35 Gerard Street in Huntington, New York that carries all levels of labels, so you can find the perfect jeans, a fantastic fitting short (yes! they exist! and Rexer-Parkes stocks them every year! Sanctuary are my favs and I know there was a recent shipment...), perfect basic-but-not-boring tops for everyday and that special dress you need for that night out. Not to mention the perfect bags and jewelry and shoes to go with... All in one place!

To further enhance their offerings, Rexer-Parkes carries Loops by Keri hand knits for babies, toddlers and children. If you are in need of a baby gift, the perfect hat for your child or a special piece for that little one in your life, look no further! All items are designed and hand knit by me in New York. 

In store now are some ponchos perfect for this time of year!

This is perfect for running around, year round! ok, not in summer, but the other 3 seasons for sure! It is hand knit by me in the softest hand-dyed merino wool yarn, spun by a group of artisan women in Uruguay. O has one of these too (of course) and she has been wearing it for 3+ years now and it still looks great on her, so it's a worthy investment piece! Love the hood and fringe! 

Super soft pima cotton in classic pink with lavender trim. Perfect for indoor sweater use or outdoors. 

This one is a yummy cotton and soya blend. Love the orange trim! It just pops!

These two are a beautiful hand dyed wool that softens with each wearing. Perfect for indoor use and out!

For those of you that cannot make it to Huntington, do not despair! You can shop from home. In your jammies even. I won't tell.

I am going to go dig out my poncho now. It's a yummy turtleneck in a handspun thick & thin hand-dyed merino wool of greens with pops of blues. I must say, it's poncho perfection.

I promise to take a picture of that soon. 

And yes, I do custom orders if you need a bigger size or different color...just ask. Everyone needs a poncho! 

Poncho on!

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  1. Mom and I just read your newest entry. How did you know we were in our jammies?

    Cute pictures of O!

    Love you! XOXO