Thursday, June 26, 2014

FREE Open House- This Monday from 10am-1pm in Huntington

My kids go to an amazing school. They've made true, lasting friendships and we have this incredible community. But I am still amazed sometimes at the friends I have made thanks to this incredible school.

Case in point, my awesome partner, Emily Diamond. 

First, her name is just so cool. And she is an art teacher. Miss Diamond, the art teacher! The perfect art teacher's name. And Emily lives up to the name. Totally a sparkly gem, full of energy and positivity and enthusiasm.

At one playdate we got to talking. Emily loved my Loops by Keri knits and sewing projects I did with my sewing students.  I loved her joy of letting kids create and getting involved in the process, not just getting hung up on them making a "perfect" piece. We talked about how we would love to have a place where kids and adults could delve into that creativity. An AFFORDABLE place. And so EmmaMade featuring Loops by Keri was born.

We are having a FREE open house this Monday June 30th, from 10am-1pm in Huntington to introduce people to our studio, to meet Emily and I, to let the kids craft and the parents talk! We would love you to join us!

We have been running workshops and classes and Parents Night Out, where kids stay with us and craft and parents get to go out alone! 

We decided for summer to create mini Creativity camps. Camps that have different themes and are 2 hours in length for a Tuesday/Thursday. We have a class in the am (9:30-11:30) and another in the pm (12:15-2:15) Kids can choose to come for one session or stay for both (with no extra charge for the lunch time- just bring a packed lunch) There is a comfortable place for parents to stay if a child has trouble separating. We're moms. We've been there. 

We have an incredible variety to the themes of camps. Check it out! Click to view full screen :)

Hope you will come by Monday to check us our and get your craft on! 

Sooooooo lucky our boys found each other at recess and requested a playdate. 

Craft on!

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