Monday, August 5, 2013

When Your Farm Share Gives You Peaches....

This year I joined a Farm Share (also called a CSA- Community Sponsored Agriculture) where you pay before the season begins for a share in the harvest. I had always wanted to try one, but always missed the deadline, but luckily this year, my friend Kate was looking for someone to split a vegetable share. We were in! And we signed up for a fruit share too! Whee! Let the yumminess begin!  (we are doing Golden Earthworm for those of you local people that might want to get a piece of the action. All yummy organic produce straight from the farm while supporting Long Island Farmers at the same time!) ! 

Every week, you go and pick up a box of the week's harvest. Everyone gets the same thing. And sometimes you've never seen or eaten it before. It's like a vegetable lottery! What will it be this week! Which is great for the adventurous palates in my house. Plus, the amazing Golden Earthworm farmers have a great blog that lets you know what is coming, how to store it and some recipes to cook with the items! They are AMAZING

I had grand plans of photographing each week's box and documenting what we made. Um. Sorry friends. Maybe next year. BUT....I was totally impressed with what I pulled off last night, so here goes.

We had a peck of peaches, some of which were eaten, but we had 4 really good peaches left plus another four or five that were getting a little squishy but still good eats. I remembered a recipe I had seen in Martha's American Food Cookbook (I am afraid to put the pic on the book up here since it's copyright, but since I am writing a glowing review, maybe I'll risk it and if Martha doesn't like it, I'll take it down?) Seriously Martha- this is a great book! I have quite a few of your books, but I think this is my favorite one yet! So many amazing things to try AND lots of great basics too!

I found this at our local library (the best library ever if I say so and I do, so there - heehee!) I was amazed at the photography and all the yummy recipes that focused on local ingredients. I stopped when   I saw a recipe for spicy peach barbecue chicken with grilled peaches. 

Yeah, I wanted some of that! And I HAD the peaches! 

But the recipe called for peach jam, so I took my squishy peaches and made my own with some water, a little cane sugar and some brown sugar. MMMMM. Made the entire house smell fantastic (and to prompt my son to follow his nose to the kitchen and pronounce me the best mom ever. Thank you Martha!)

So I used my on the fly peach jam and mixed it all up and prepped everything for my master BBQ chef, my hubby. He did an amazing job slow cooking the chicken until it was perfect and those peaches. MMM! 

Now, I should have taken the time to artfully arrange everything, but let me tell you, I couldn't stop myself from eating this. I am surprised I took these shots. Seriously good food.

And since you can't waste a hot grill, S'mores were in order! Have you ever tried a S'more with some Chocolove dark chocolate with chili and dried cherry? If not, you REALLY should. Wild By Nature carries Chocolove. Just saying.

I will say the marinade could have used a little more salt and a little more sweet, but I think that was from me substituting the jam for my fresh stuff. Next time I know.

And BELIEVE ME, there WILL be a next time. Soon!

Come on farm share....bring me some peaches this week!

More soon! In the meantime, Grill on!


  1. This post made me really hungry. What's for dinning tonight? I'll get on my private jet and be there in 2 hours. lol.

  2. Also, I seriously love the pictures of the kiddos. Save me a s'more for next time! =)