Monday, August 12, 2013

My Girl LOVES her Freckled Chicken Rainbow Dress!

Hello friends!

We just got a rainbow in the mail! Come see...

Little Miss O is sporting a Freckled Chicken original! Isn't it beautiful?

Freckled Chicken is the brainchild and incredible designs of Ms. Holly Hester.  Freckled Chicken's point of view is wholesome, comfortable and personal, which I think we need more of for little girl clothing, don't you?

Each one is special, with sweet embroideries, fun embellishments and that certain special something!

This dress is made from rainbow bandana fabric, which is perfect for my Little Miss who is smitten with all things ROY G BIV! Notice the sweet white pompom ball trim around the neckline! swoon!! And I need to take a picture of the glittery polkadot facing fabric hidden inside, adding structure to the neckline and a special thrill when my little one puts it over her head. Brilliant!

 And did I mention, it's PERFECT for twirling!

You can find Freckled Chicken on Etsy. If you happen to live in Texas, you can find her at the White Rock Local Market! You can also follow her on Facebook and Pinterest. I know I do! That's when I saw this dress and there you have it! Just look at some of her recent offerings! 

Holly is forever creating new designs, so be sure to bookmark it and check back. I am sure you will find the perfect skirt or dress or accessory or other gorgeous design that you HAVE to HAVE! I know we did! 

I have my eye on that cherry skirt! And her signature Freckled Chickster T-Shirt! So Cute!

And Ladies, she makes adult sizes too! Funky aprons and skirts in our size! Whee!! 

Twirl on!


  1. Too kind!!! Thank you for such kind words!!!!
    Freckled Chicken

  2. Little Miss O you are so beautiful! Aunt Amy loves and misses you so much. I was feeling very sad today missing you all and seeing these beautiful photos of you in your gorgeous dress brightened my day. Sending lots of hugs and kisses to you my beautiful niece, your handsome brother, you're amazing & beautiful mommy, your chef-master dad, and my two handsome and furry neph-dogs! XOXOXOXOOXO