Saturday, June 1, 2013

Your Children's Summer Schedule - SOLVED!

Check out all the amazing camps going on at the Pulitzer and Panetta Creative Studio this summer!
Avoid the "Summer Slip" by enrolling your child in these engaging classes that are so fun that they will be learning without even realizing it!

The classes are taught by some incredibly talented ladies (and we are all moms, so we know kids!)

Classes are available for 4 years old through teens! Whatever the interest of your child, there is a camp for them!

Your child will explore the world of fairies, gnomes and dragons or then can learn to get Eco Smart with Jenny Horn!

Justine Stokes will take the kids around the world with art, cuisine, stories and more in Art Around the World. There are two classes, which are geared to the age of and learning levels of the students.

Explore the works and create your own in their style with Susan Panetta and Justine Stokes in their Meet the Artist Camp!

Want your child to enjoy writing and art? Let them explore these arts in a fun and creative environment with Susan Panetta.

Kids will explore and create their own textiles with Justine Stokes. They can take these textiles and use them in our sewing classes!

IChildren ages 6 and up can learn how to create and sew their own friends, from patterns AND from their own imagination with me. The smiles when they hold their own finished creation is a sight to behold! See the pictures below for some examples of what has been created in previous classes.

A class for older sewers (ages 8 and up)  to create their own accessories is going to be SEW much fun! We'll be using the pattern of the Straight Stitch Society to create the coolest ipod or smartphone holder in town! We should have plenty of time to make other chic accessories as well.

No prior sewing experience needed for any of the sewing classes! We will engage all sewers at every level!

See the detailed descriptions below and go online to see more information.

My children have been taking classes and attending camps at the Pulitzer and Panetta studio for years now. It is one place that they always want to go, year after year.

I am delighted to be able to teach sewing classes there this summer!

Hope to see your child there!

Summer On!


  1. You know how much I love Pultizer & Panetta.

    Is that MAP in the last picture?

  2. Yes, that is him. MAP wrote "The Worst Dog" series at Pulitzer & Panetta and he did a reading at Book Revue in Huntington, just like a professional author! They are AWESOME! He's pretty cool too :)