Saturday, May 25, 2013

Get Outdoors and Look All Around You!

We have had a few visitors to our porch the last few weeks. In the corner of our porch, we watched the beautiful baby birds being fed by their mom and taught to fly. They flew away just a few days ago.

On the other side of our porch, there was a nest made entirely of grass. We had never seen this before- usually the nests are made of all sorts of materials (as the one is above) but this one, was entirely grass.

Unfortunately, the babies in this nest didn't make it. We found the nest a few days after this picture was taken on the ground with the eggs smashed.

The kids had some questions about why the nest was on the ground. Did it blow off or did an animal have something to do with it. Since we didn't see it happen, we could only speculate. They were sad about the broken eggs and the baby birds that would not be born but we had the three babies on the other side to cherish and we had some incredible conversations.

Kids love to be outdoors and explore. Sometimes we are in a rush and I scurry them out the door...but lately, I have been trying to build in more time, time to observe and look around. Maybe it's because they are getting older, or because the weeks seem to be going ever faster....but I am trying to be more in the moment and to really enjoy our time together.

An extra few minutes to walk to the bus stop gives us a little time to check out how our flowers are growing. Speaking of which....look how many tulips we got this year! The kids and I started planting bulbs a few years ago when their school had a bulb sale. It has now become a tradition to order new ones each year and plant them together. What fun we have in Spring as they bloom and transform our yard! They love to point our which are the ones they planted and chose. My kids even picked a tulip bouquet picked for me for Mother's Day!

A few extra minutes at a boring old errand and it may lead to inspiration! (See my previous blog post titled "Why it's important to take your kids on errands for some of the inspired Pet Shop Haiku!) Sometimes taking the extra time is all it takes to get kids talking...

So even though it may be rainy or you may be in a rush, try to take some time this weekend to give yourselves a little extra time as you head out and about. And don't forget to look up! Or you may just walk by and miss spotting a baby bird!

Explore on!

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