Thursday, May 16, 2013

Amazing news - Sewing Camp for kids! Read on!!

Hello Dear Readers!

I am excited to announce that I will be teaching a sewing camp at the Pulitzer and Panetta Creative Studio in Huntington. The camp will be on Monday July 29th through Thurs Aug 1st, with two sessions- one for older sewers and one for all ages over 6.

Here are the details of the camps, which I will run and have Miss Naomi, a fantastic sewing assistant with me to ensure that everyone has the attention they need throughout the class!

You can call the studio up & register anytime! The sooner the better for all who want to take it so we can make sure we can run the class! We need to have four students to run each class, but I am sure we can get that!

Lots of other camps are offered too, so check them out. My children have been going to classes and camps at the Creative Studio for years and love them!

The Pulitzer and Panetta Creative Studio was voted Patch's #1 Summer Camp in 2012!So excited to be a part of them now!

Here is the official camp descriptions:

Sew Cool Accessories $245  + $25 materials fee  Monday July 29th through Thurs Aug 1st 9:30am-12:30pm

Ages 8+

This camp is all about making something with your hands that is uniquely your own!  KIds will explore the three major types of fabrications, learn how they are made, how to select the right one for your project and how work with them. Different stitch types will be taught hands-on as they will learn how use a pattern to create an adorable iPod/Phone holder uniquely their own. Kids should have plenty of time to make some other chic accessories.

No prior sewing experience needed. Material Fee includes copy of The Keep your Cool Smartphone Case pattern for each student, plus all the designer fabrics and trims needed for the projects.

We will be using the adorable Keep Your Cool Smartphone Case by the incredibly talented Liesl Gibson of Oliver and S. Kids can use it to store their iPod's, smart phones and hold their keys.

This pattern is perfect because it allows each child to express themselves creatively while learning sew many different sewing techniques in one project!

The studio has a lunch club available from 12:30 to 1pm for students who want to stay the day! After lunch will be:

Make Your Own Stuffed Creature 1pm-3:30pm  $225 + $10 materials fee
Ages 6+

Have your ever looked at a stuffed toy and thought “I can do that?” Now you can! Design your own “Ugly Doll” type creature from sketch to stuffing! Kids will learn different types of stitches, allowing us to embroider & “paint” with thread and stitching. With each project we will work on cutting, pinning and hand sewing skills. No prior sewing experience needed.

This is an example of two of the projects made by these children in the Make Your Own Stuffed Creature Class. Kids draw a sketch. From there, I taught them how to make a pattern from their design. We talked about what colors to use, they learned different stitch types and chose which ones they wanted where. They cut out the pieces and sewed them. To finish it off, they learned the blanket stitch to sew them together and stuffed it.

Look at their faces! They were so proud to hold their finished projects and show their classmates!

A recent study showed the benefits of children sewing: Sewing’s multitude of choices—color selection, fabric options, design and proportion—help stimulate creative thinking skills. Completing a project fosters a sense of accomplishment. Hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills develop through the use of the hands, and exercises in following directions along with problem solving skills are all added benefits of sewing experiences for children.

Plus, it's SUPER FUN! : )

If you have any questions, please let me know! Hope your little ones can join us!

Sew On!

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