Thursday, January 23, 2014

Welcome 2014

Wow! Has a month really flown by since my last post? I guess so! It's been quite a crazy few weeks with the holidays, gatherings, ballet programs, school concerts, trip to see family….whew! Not to mention, lots and lots of knitting!!

This week has been especially nutty- kids had school Tuesday, only to be sent home half day due to snow and a snow day yesterday. They have parent-teacher conferences Friday, so today is their only full day of school this week! While I truly love having them at home, it does throw things into a bit of disarray. I was supposed to work yesterday, but everytime I snuck away to do it, somehow I was urgently needed. But that's ok.  I enjoyed our extra snuggle time and family game time. But now I had better get working, so…quick catch up and then back to work…

Here's some of the fun knits that have been flying off my needles as of late….

Some special ponchos for some awesome girls. They waited patiently for me to make these after they choose their yarns- amazing hand and kettle dyed merino wools. I've mentioned my love of ponchos before on the blog. They are the perfect accessory in my humble opinion!

You can see how much they love them by the looks on their faces!

A few other things I've finished in my blogging hiatus… Some tassel hats in new color schemes!

LOVE this tricolored one. Just because you don't know if baby is a boy or girl doesn't mean the hat has to be blah! 

And don't you LOVE the hot pink with the charcoal? So chic and so fun for baby!! I think I want a grown up one!!

Here's a quick pic of the cat and mouse set I made for some cuties for the holidays. Just LOVE the pretty kitty hats and to have a sister cat and mouse due is just awesome!

More pics to come. Have been working on LOTS of fun knits!!

Stay Warm all!

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  1. OH my goodness. I love that tri color hat. I want one! I also think the cat & mouse set is adorable.

    I miss you all so much & love you all so very much. <3